Benson Germanium Boost

A magic button that makes things sound more musical.
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It's a deceptively simple device on paper. In reality, it accomplishes what people reach to a compressor for; it enhances the good parts of a signal, while de-emphasizing the unwanted bits. It’s basically a magic button that makes things sound more musical.

We present, MixWave: Benson Germanium Boost.

MixWave: Benson Germanium Boost
MixWave: Germanium Boost

Built-in tools for instant mix-ready results

MixWave: Germanium Boost

Fully featured user interface

MixWave: Germanium Boost

Works beautifully on mono or stereo signals

Included in the Benson Chimera Collection

Get the Benson Germanium Boost and more by upgrading to the Benson Chimera Collection.

MixWave: Germanium Boost

System requirements

Available in 64-bit VST3 / AU / AAX
macOS 10.13 to 13 (Latest Update, Intel & Silicon Native)
Windows 10 or Newer (64-bit)
iLok License Manager & iLok account required (Free)
For more system requirements information, visit our Support Page.

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