Benson Chimera Collection

Component-modeled for the most accurate recreation of Benson's Chimera amplifier.


Sought after by guitarists, recordists and engineers all over the world, Benson Amps are some of the most coveted boutique amplifiers and effects in existence.

Utilizing component level modeling, and with the aim to create a flawless replica that would satisfy Christopher Benson’s discerning ears, we were able to create a virtual model that brings the signature sound of these devices into a digital counterpart for the first time.

We proudly present, MixWave: Benson Chimera Collection.

MixWave: Benson Chimera



While being the first pedal to incorporate Automatic Thermal Bias to combat the temperature sensitivity of Germanium transistors, the Benson Germanium Fuzz was designed to be a rich sounding clean boost, overdrive, or a gripping wall of fuzz.

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The Benson Germanium Boost is a deceptively simply device on paper. In reality, it accomplishes what people reach to a compressor for; it enhances the good parts of a signal, while de-emphasizing the unwanted bits. It’s a bit of a magic button that makes things sound more musical.

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Based on the Chimera preamp, the circuit inside the Benson Preamp substitutes vacuum tubes for FET transistors resulting in an extremely versatile pedal that's full of rich and musical harmonics.

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Tall Bird

A unique and versatile all-tube spring reverb unit. The Benson Tall Bird produces lush, sonorous tones ranging from polite and clean, to a euphonic and cavernous reverb by overdriving the reverb tank. By modeling two separate reverb tanks, this adds the ability to also apply reverb to a stereo signal.


At the heart of it all is the Benson Chimera, a truly unique modern classic guitar amplifier. Rigorously modeled to capture every nuance and characteristic of the signature Benson tone, Chris says that his first listen of this emulation earned his trust and eventually his endorsement for the entire collection.

MixWave: Benson Chimera

Cabinet & Speakers

An extensive and elaborate cab module of the vertical dove-tailed pine 2x12 Chimera Cabinet that includes a massive impulse response library captured at MixWave Studios.

Featuring pairs of the Benson Custom Ceramic, and the Celestion G12H30 Anniversary speakers accompanied with a world class collection of 20 virtual microphones that can effortlessly be placed around the speakers.

Signal Chain

Rearrange the components in any order to easily create your own signal path configuration.


EQ & Compressor

The onboard EQ and compressor that can be used before and after the signal allows for instant mix-ready results without ever leaving the plugin.

Benson Chimera Collection

Get the Benson Tall Bird, Germanium Boost, Germanium Fuzz, and Preamp as separate plugins. Additionally included with the Benson Chimera.

MixWave: Benson Chimera Collection

Benson Chimera Standalone

No DAW? Use MixWave: Benson Chimera as a standalone application with no additional software required.

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MixWave: Benson Chimera Collection

System requirements

Available in 64-bit VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone
macOS 10.13 to 13 (Latest Update, Intel & Silicon Native)
Windows 10 or Newer (64-bit)
iLok License Manager & iLok account required (Free)
For more system requirements information, visit our Support Page.

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