Jason Richardson

A plugin that rips as hard as Jason does.
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There are few names in music as celebrated for their pure skill as Jason Richardson. Having continually raised the bar of what's physically possible with the instrument, Jason has become an iconic figure of modern guitar. His distinctive solo compositions are examples of his tremendous abilities, covering a vast range of styles and techniques and pushing them to their limits.

Jason came to MixWave studios to create his latest record, 'II', and the team saw an incredible opportunity to build a plugin that really captured the intense variety of tones that make up Jason's songwriting. Created concurrently to the recording process, the final tones on the album came entirely from the plugin prototype. With a few further tweaks, the result is a multi-faceted sonic tool that faithfully recreates the tones in Jason's project and beyond.

We proudly present, MixWave: Jason Richardson.

MixWave: Jason Richardson Plugin


Three amplifiers meticulously modeled and tweaked alongside Jason Richardson during the 'II' album sessions.

MixWave: Jason Richardson | Clean Amp


From pristine and glassy to the edge of breakup, a clean amp that covers a wide variety of the clean tones that Jason loves.

MixWave: Jason Richardson | Rhythm Amp


Powerful and full of depth, the sound makes up the backbone of Jason's style. Let's be real - massive chugs.

MixWave: Jason Richardson | Lead Amp


Saturated but incredibly smooth, a soaring set of tones built to cut through even the densest of mixes - without any of the harshness.


MixWave: Jason Richardson Delay Pedal Plugin


A warm, organic delay that is a key part of Jason's clean and lead tones, complete with unique panning controls that were utilized throughout the record.

MixWave: Jason Richardson Chorus Pedal Plugin


A lush and wide stereo chorus used across the album.

MixWave: Jason Richardson Reverb Pedal Plugin


An incredibly dense but clear reverb, modeled after Jason's personal setting on his favorite outboard unit.


Modeled after a rare and celebrated pedal, a layer of presence and clarity that makes up an essential part of Jason's rhythm and lead tone.

MixWave: Jason Richardson Overdrive Pedal Plugin
MixWave: Jason Richardson Cab & Speakers

Cabinet & Speakers

An extensive Cab Sim module featuring three cabinets, three speakers, 20 world-class microphone options and a massive impulse response library all captured and carefully curated at MixWave Studios.

Signal Chain

Rearrange the components in any order to easily create your own signal path configuration.


EQ & Compressor

The onboard EQ and compressor that can be used before and after the signal allows for instant mix-ready results without ever leaving the plugin.

Jason Richardson Standalone

No DAW? Use MixWave: Jason Richardson as a standalone application with no additional software required.

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Jason Richardson "Upside Down"

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Jason Richardson "Ishimura"

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Jason Richardson "p00mbachu" 1

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Jason Richardson "p00mbachu" 2

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Jason Richardson "p00mbachu" 3

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Jason Richardson "p00mbachu" 4

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MixWave: Jason Richardson

System requirements

Available in 64-bit VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone
macOS 10.13 to 13 (Latest Update, Intel & Silicon Native)
Windows 10 or Newer (64-bit)
iLok License Manager & iLok account required (Free)
For more system requirements information, visit our Support Page.

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