Thomas Pridgen Drums Changelog

Version 1.1 (Oct 14, 2021)

Kontakt Instrument

- ADDED Mix control for the master compressor effect

- CHANGED Clicking on hi-hat on Kit View now triggers Open 2 articulation instead of Edge Tight articulation

- CHANGED "Route all channels to sequential outputs" option now skips Mixer channels that are not used

- CHANGED Added MIDI CC trigger articulation assignment to Default, General MIDI, EZD and SD MIDI mappings

- IMPROVED Choke group muting behavior (i.e. on hi-hats) when playing a soft hit after a harder one, room mic now has a longer choke fade out time

- FIXED Splash and China cymbals had their names swapped by mistake in Kit View dropdown menus

- FIXED Tip and Edge articulations of Stack and Junk Hat cymbals were swapped by mistake on Settings page

- FIXED Adjusting the envelope parameters didn't adjust the envelope for Mixed close mic groups

- FIXED Script warning that appears when using the MIDI learn functionality on Settings page

- FIXED Master volume slider reporting the unit as DB instead of dB

- FIXED L-R Flip not affecting any mixer channels except Overhead and Room

- FIXED Mixed/Boost/Tune controls didn't work correctly for alternate snares

- FIXED Inconsistent or no sample playback in certain combinations of Mix and Boost switches between kick, snare, overhead and room channels (to fully apply this fix, reloading Thomas Pridgen Drums.nki is required!)

- FIXED Close mic envelope parameters were adjusted when individual sub-mixer channels were selected. Now they will only be adjusted when the envelope panel is set to ALL.


- FIXED Samples in .tci files that choke the previously triggered sample

- IMPROVED All .tci files updated utlilizing the latest version of .tci building software.

Version 1.0 (Aug 20, 2021)

Kontakt Instrument

- Initial Release


- Initial Release