MixWave: Benson Studio Tall Bird is out now

MixWave: Benson Studio Tall Bird is out now

In desperate need of reverb in a mix, Chris connected his personal Tall Bird unit to his console and modified it by adding a longer three spring tank. He then realized while the stock tank sounded great on guitar, the added long tank coupled with the drive circuitry from the Tall Bird was suitable for practically everything else creating a smooth and rich haunting reverb to the source. After many refinements and adding an EQ, the Studio Tall Bird was born.

Accurately modeled by using proprietary convolution response techniques to closely match how the two short and long spring tanks respond to a signal, specifically in regards to the clipping and distortion characteristics of the original unit.

By modeling two sets of separate reverb tanks, we were able to create a versatile tool for mixing by allowing reverb to be applied in stereo.

We present, MixWave: Benson Studio Tall Bird.


MixWave: Benson Studio Tall Bird is available now at an introductory price of $39 for a limited time only!

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MixWave: Benson Studio Tall Bird

Meticulously modeled to create the most accurate emulation of Benson's Studio Tall Bird Reverb.