MixWave: Tony Royster Jr. - available now!

MixWave: Tony Royster Jr. - available now!

It takes a true prodigy to be boundless.

Labels like precision, feel, and power are often contradictory, but all of them describe the icon that is Tony Royster Jr.

From winning drum competitions as a child to becoming the backbone of some of the world's largest artists, a lifetime of experience and experimentation has developed his signature sound.

Tasked with turning such a vast skillset into a virtual instrument, we aimed for it to breathe and feel natural; finesse, wide-open sounds and focused tones have become the focal point of this library, and truly does justice to who Tony is as a player.

A unique library that excels in pop, hip-hop, trap and so much more, we present to you MixWave: Tony Royster Jr.

Available for $99 through March 4th.